Jim O'Connor - Donald Building

February 8, 2021

To begin, Mr. O’Connor would like to thank Ms. Berman for her efforts in regard to the Donald Building. The purpose of this webpage is for Mr. O’Connor to provide clarification of the efforts that have been made with respect to the Donald Building during his corporate ownership.

Starting in 2008, Mr. Connor and Ms. Berman engaged in discussions regarding the potential of the ​ Donald Building. Subsequently, in 2009, on Mr. O’Connor’s behalf, Ms. Berman (Aquatilus Consulting) presented a proposal to the Municipality of Dysart stating that funding would be in place and the restoration of the Donald Building would be complete in 2012-2013. Further to these discussions, in 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between 882025 Ontario Inc. and the Donald Innovation Project Collaborative headed up by Ms. Berman with the intention of completing significant restoration of the Donald Building (the “MOU”). Pursuant to the MOU, donations were received and dispersed by Ms. Berman with respect to the restoration.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, the restoration of the building was not completed on the original timeline. The MOU expired in 2015: no further agreement has been signed since that time. Mr. O’Connor continues to restore and maintain the Donald building to prevent deterioration of the structure and retain its architectural features and interest.

Mr. O’Connor is dedicated to the building and continues to put in thousands of hours of personal labour. The Donald building is, and always has been, intended to be for public use. That goal remains unchanged. Mr. O’Connor is anticipating uses for the building, such as a seasonal public Farmer’s Market, contractors’ hub, and arts and entertainment location. Mr. O’Connor welcomes discussion with any organization or member of the public who is interested in using the building. Interested parties may contact Mr. O’Connor at 705 754-5566.